Smart Motion Sensor

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Whether you are home or away, this motion sensor will send push notifications to alert you when motion is detected.

- 24/7 monitoring - receive instant alerts when there is unexpected movement in your home
- Detects motion up to 4.5m with a 100° Horizontal and 90° vertical detection angle
- Easy Installation: Simply mount to wall or ceiling with the magnetic mount, no gateway product required connects via Wi-Fi and SmartKnight app.
- Low power consumption: Uses ultra-low power MCU and Wi-Fi module with a range of up to 40m (dependent on environment)
- Automate: Set devices to automatically turn on or off if motion is detected, such as a light
- Wi-Fi Connectivity IEEE 802 11 b/g/n (2.4Ghz only) if you have a Dual Band system simply disable the 5Ghz frequency in your Wi-Fi Router* during set up and then enable again once set up is complete
- Low battery alert - never forget to change the battery
- Battery type: 2 x DC 3V AAA batteries included
- Battery Life: 1 year (if activated 20 times a day)

*check your router manual on how to do this or contact your ISP

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