Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps play an important role in defining and distinguishing the decor and interior design in any room, as well as providing a practical role in lighting up a particular area. Lights look amazing when placed near a table or next to a chair to provide an extra beam and can often be a superb accessory to add into a corner of a room to brighten it up and make it look busier. One of the great things about floor lamps, in comparison to different wall lights and ceiling lighting, is that they do not cast shadows thus making them the perfect solution for reading.

Convenient in design, wall lights can be placed anywhere in a room, providing they have access to the mains or an alternative energy source. This also proves more of an investment for the future as unlike wall lights and other fittings, they are not permanent and you have the ability to manoeuvre them as you please. This will mean that if you come to redesign your room in the future, you will be able to conveniently and easily place the floor lamps wherever you want.

There are a wide range of types, styles, finishes and colours of floor lamps for you to browse through and buy online, so depending on the style and the theme of your room you will be able to find something which is suited towards your home. Many people also like to match up the style and type of floor lamps, similar to existing wall lighting and ceiling lighting as this can look more organised and structured. In some cases floor lamps are adjustable, which means you will be able to manipulate the light in accordance to your needs and requirements. This can be very beneficial if you need some light for reading or even to make things a little clearer and more.

In many cases, standard or console floor lamps are typically available in more traditional designs and styles; however, as styling and technology has progressed they are now also available in more modern designs – so even come as energy saving models.

If you like what we offer within our amazing selection of floor lamps, you may want to browse through and check out our entire collection of modern floor lamps. 



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Tripod Floor Base With Shade Sale price£136.69
Nautical Floor LampNautical Floor Lamp
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Apollo FloorApollo Floor
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LED Floor Lamp 8W Integrated LEDLED Floor Lamp
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