Recent Projects

A stylish 10 meter long drop pendant paired with a LED strip lit floating staircase, provides a stunning blend of traditional and modern lighting for this hallway.
Colour changing lights add some fun to this game room, making it a inviting place and the custom ribbon pendant highlights the thatched ceiling.
The plaster-in LED strip that mirrors the shape of the table creates a intimate dining space and highlights the crystal pendant.
Waterproof LED strips in the niches and under the cabinet add elegant lighting to the bathroom.
These large ornate wooden chandeliers perfectly match the exposed beams in this tudor house. 
Plaster-in LED strips here replace the need for downlights and provide a clean, modern look.
A contemporary crystal chandelier paired with seamless recessed LED strips and matching wall lights make this dinner room fit for any occasion. 
The stylish kitchen island fitting provides a steampunk touch to liven up breakfast, paired with LED strips for under the cabinets bring this classic kitchen into the 21st century.
Subtle wall paneling and LED fitted coving bring this clean and bold workspace to life with the flick of a switch.
Soft LED lighting around the furniture and walls add a heavenly glow to this clean and modern white interior.
Custom cut LEDs plastered in the ceiling with surface downlights and stylish wall lights accent the shape of this hall, making it a symmetrical masterpiece.
Cleverly designed LED Strips used in the ceilings and in coving add character to a room and bring in a feature that can be controlled from your smartphone.