Smart Home

Lutron home Automation


The home automation systems that we can supply and install are designed to make modern life much easier.

Our systems integrate every aspect of your cinema system from the projector and motorised screen, to surround sound speakers, lighting control, automated window blinds, cinema seating to give you complete control through intuitive remotes and touch screens. Single button press, you can dim the lights and start the entertainment. All you have to do is sit back in your cinema seating and enjoy.

We provide a range of services and solutions to enhance your homes security, from CCTV systems, to gate and door access control through to advanced perimeter security solutions giving you advanced warning of an intruder before they get close to your home. Our solutions allow us to provide the enhanced security mentioned above but also integrate with you primary burglar alarm system to provide peace of mind.

Specialists in designing and installing smart home systems

Our passion is to deliver our clients' visions for their home or office, we do this with pride, creativity and the injection of invisible technology.

We can offer

We can offer the products that best suit your budget. We always look to be as cost effective as possible, giving you the very most for your money.


Crestron engineers high-tech solutions for every market.

The perfect solution every-time

We strive for excellence and do not compromise the integrity of any project, for any reason.



Complete control at your fingertips


The majority of control systems can allow you to see the status of your home from anywhere in the world! Forgot to turn something off? No problem! Remote Access let you go into the control app and turn on/off. It's that simple!

We can also enhance the comfort of your own home. Imagine coming home and having the temperature of the house set exactly to your preference. We can integrate most heating and cooling systems with just one app.

Want to control your entertainment system? A multi-room entertainment system lets you play music, watch TV and films, and listen to the radio in any room of the house. Access your entire movie and music collection through intuitive touch screen interfaces, or play directly from your phone or tablet.