Kolarz 3003.85.3.KoT/aq21 VICTORIA 2 Chandelier

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This is the Kolarz 3003.85.3.KoT/aq21 VICTORIA 2 Chandelier. It is part of the Kolarz VICTORIA 2 collection from the KOLARZ Classic Emotion 98/2 catalogue.'Our hand-painted AQUA CHAMPAGNE decor shows a splendid flow of colours and shapes in harmony with finest leaf gold. Each piece of art is unique. We proudly present VICTORIA 2! Majestic crystal chandeliers in various designs, crowning contemporary settings as perfectly as classic interiors. These timeless handcrafted masterpieces from the heart of Europe guarantee pure fascination and an unforgettable impression. Lampshades are optionally available and are not included in the scope of delivery.24 carat gold-plated.

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