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The Voltolina trademark is synonymous with Glass and Cut Glass.

In 1984 the Voltolina brothers, heirs to a long Venetian tradition in the processing of glass, decided to diversify their manufacturing by producing high quality cut glass for lighting systems. High quality raw materials and innovative technology have enabled the company to reach the top of the sector worldwide.

In 2000 the company added to their exquisite product ranges and introduced the Murano range, high quality, hand painted artistic glass. This range has grown and grown and now includes a number of beautiful chandeliers as well as pendants and vases. They also introduced a new range of superior quality lead free crystal chandeliers at around this time which have proven to be extremely popular in the UK.

During 2001 the company launched a revolutionary type of lamp fixture (called the Leonardo System), allowing the lamp to be assembled without touching the electrical parts, making the process quicker and safer. Consumers immediately responded to the new feature, improving the appearance and safety of their homes.

Today, the largest production facility covers 80,000 square meters, 30,000 indoors, and has over 700 employees. Voltolina has smaller but strategically important production facilities in Spain, Romania, Morocco and Tunisia. The manufacturing versatility of the company has enabled it to move into a variety of market sectors, with worldwide sales and prominent displays in prestigious showrooms in Venice, New York, London, Casablanca and Dubai to name a few.

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