Track & Spot Lighting

Track & Spot Lighting

Spotlights are typically light sources which are able to send out cones of light to a particular area. This area is determined and manipulated by the user. Torches, desk lamps and theatre lights are all different types of spotlights and are also used to illuminate particular objects. The spotlights which you will commonly see employed in the home are those which feature two or more spotlights combined together or one single backboard fitting. Whether you are looking to replace an old or damaged light or you wish to completely renovate the entire room, there is something within our stunning selection of spotlights for you.

Spotlights are very versatile fittings and will look great in any kind of room, whether that be in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or hallway – they are guaranteed to light up your room in a stylish fashion. They may be small in design; however as a light they are very effective and can provide a high light intensity, which is great for when you are trying to fully light up a large room. The ability for you to manipulate the individual spotlights also comes as an added bonus as it will allow you to increase the light in a certain area, say on the couch whilst you read a book for example. This feature will ensure you always have a sufficient amount of light, which will make things a lot clearer and comfortable for you.

There are a range of different style and types of spotlights for you to choose from within our extensive online collection here at Yuvilite. You will be able to select from both modern and contemporary styles, depending on the theme throughout your home and will always have the opportunity to select the type of spotlight, whether that is a wall light, a cable light or even a low energy design. Our comprehensive collection consists of a handpicked selection of individual lights, chosen from a range of some of the finest and well respected lighting brand in the industry, compiled into one master collection.

Track lights are a fantastic design as you can easily move each of the spotlights to where they are needed. Some people prefer the track lights to the spotlights as they do not want light in one place all the time. The most common place for use of a track light is a kitchen or utility room. Track lighting systems are also used in hallways or art studios as they give great versatility to the installation.


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FOX Track HeadFOX Track Head
FOX Track Head Sale price£30.00
100 Series Track 2M Black
100 Series Track 2M Black Sale price£49.00
100 Series Track 2M White
100 Series Track 2M White Sale price£49.00
PG100 Track Head Black
PG100 Track Head Black Sale price£26.00
PG100 Track Head White
PG100 Track Head White Sale price£26.00
OR100 Track Head White
OR100 Track Head White Sale price£32.00
OR100 Track Head Black
OR100 Track Head Black Sale price£32.00
AP100 Track Head Black
AP100 Track Head Black Sale price£26.00
AP100 Track Head White
AP100 Track Head White Sale price£26.00
AN100 Track Head White
AN100 Track Head White Sale price£42.00
AN100 Track Head Black
AN100 Track Head Black Sale price£42.00
LB100 Track Head White
LB100 Track Head White Sale price£26.00
LB100 Track Head Black
LB100 Track Head Black Sale price£26.00